The faces behind Agonyapp – the team

Agonyapp was founded by Oyin Solebo and Charles Sekwalor. Charles started early as an entrepreneur during secondary school and later went on to study Engineering at Imperial College London. After university he worked as Strategy Consultant and Supply Chain Manager. Oyin studied Economics at The London School of Economics and started her career as an Investment Associate at an investment bank before spending time as a Strategy Consultant. 

Charles and Oyin met over 10 years ago and built their friendship around a combined passion for driving positive change through startups. They created Agonyapp out of a shared desire to relieve Charles of Oyin’s need for periodic therapeutic rants, celeb gossip and fashion critiques.

Agonyapp Founder Oyin Solebo     Agonyapp Founder Charles Sekwalor2

Beyond the founders, Agonyapp has a great team and amazing supporters. Click here for more…

Agonyapp Team 2

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