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Some of you have been asking how to make better use of Agonyapp and some of its features – whilst others of you may not even know that some features exist! We’ve received and observed users asking each other questions such as: “How can I flick through full responses quickly?”, or “How do I invite friends to this awesome app?” and “What are Auntie Points and how do I get more?” Well for those of you who can’t get enough of Agonyapp and want to know more (sooo greedy – but in the spirit of the New Year we’ll indulge you!), we thought we’d grant your wishes by giving you a run-down of some of those (perhaps) less obvious Agonyapp features.

1. Swipe across to read more

First tip…Did you know that if you’re in a full answer or question page – then you can swipe across to view more answers in the same Agony? No? Well you do now! 🙂

2. “@” a user to get their attention!

You can get another user’s attention by @’ing them in your question or answer. E.g. If you want one of our most popular users – Vesper – to respond to your Agony or comment, simply type “@Vesper” – she’ll get a notification on her phone, feel very honoured indeed, and will be much more likely to respond.

3. Follow users

You may find someone whose comments tend to stir your interest (or on the contrary – a user who you just love to hate). In which case you can follow them to make sure that regardless of what room they’re making comments in, it will show up in your feed. Following a user will also mean that you will get notified whenever they start a new Agony. Follow a user by going to their profile, and clicking the “FOLLOW” button on the top right of the page. You can also follow users via the Search page, which you can access on the Home and Top Stories pages.

4. Follow Agonies

Similar to following a user, you can also follow an Agony – just hit the star in the top right hand corner of the Agony page.

5. Report content

[Queue serious voice] If you feel that something written by another user is offensive or inappropriate – then let us know by reporting it. Inside the question or answer you want to report, you’ll see a “more” icon (3 dots in a horizontal row). Click on it and you’ll find see the option to “Report” that piece of content.

6. Delete a Post

Were you too quick to hit “post”? If so – no worries. Click on the “more” icon on the post you want to remove, and hit delete.

7. Sharing

The “more” icon allows you to do even…well…more! As well as deleting and reporting, it also allows you to share specific posts with friends via email or Facebook. And don’t worry – if you share via Facebook, your friends will not be informed of your Agonyapp Screen name – so your Agonyapp identity will be protected! (Phew!)

8. Invite a Friend

Want to tell your friends about Agonyapp? Of course you do! Invite a friend by hitting the Menu button the top left of the Home page. Go to “Invite Friends” and choose to invite either by Facebook or email. If you invite via Facebook, only your friend will get the notification, and will not be informed of your Agonyapp Screen name – so your Agonyapp identity will once again be protected! Email invites are a bit different – the recipient will be informed that you (i.e. your Agonyapp identity) have invited them to Agonyapp, but will not be given your email address. So choose the method which works best for you!

9. Auntie Points!

On your profile, you’ll see something called Aunty Points. Auntie Points are an indication of your good participation on the app. How is it calculated? Well that’s our secret! What are they for? What else do they do? Well we’re been hatching plenty of exciting ideas for how we might turn your virtual Auntie Points into tangible rewards, so stay tuned!

10. “I want a crown!”

You may have spotted that some lucky users have a crown by their name. We have different types of crowns, depending on the royal ranking of said user (said in my best royal voice). Crowns are awarded to our most prominent users, including featured writers, celebrities, and just damn good Agonyapp participants who we feel deserves a bit of acknowledgement for their general awesomeness.

11. Vote up and down

We’re really keen to keep the quality of the content on Agonyapp high. So we’ve inbuilt this voting functionality so you can vote up the content you like (e.g. you think it’s really useful or just darn funny), and vote down the content you don’t (e.g. you think it lacks thought, is rude or offensive). We think that some of you may be voting down as a way to communicate solidarity for users going through a hard time – e.g. voting down content to show that you agree that it sucks that someone’s boyfriend cheated. This isn’t what we intended vote down to mean – but if you’re one of our users using it in this way – get in touch! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

12. Useful links

Because we know some of you want even more ways to get involved with Agonyapp, we thought we’d make it easy for you. Hit the “Useful links” button for links to our website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, the App Store and… well… that’s it actually.

Lucky No. 13. Tell us what you think!

Not done enough ranting on Agonyapp, and want to have a go at us? Well bring it on! Leave us your thoughts and comments by hitting the “Feedback” button on the menu. Want to tell us something nice – well we won’t mind that either! 🙂

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