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We asked you how we can improve your Agonyapp experience, and you came back with some great suggestions. We really appreciate any feedback you care to offer, so please keep it coming!

Due to popular demand, we’re working on the following features – watch this space! 🙂

1. Search for Agonies, Questions and Answers

We’re making it easy for you to find content via our Search function. E.g. if you want to ask for tips on how to stop your boyfriend or girlfriend from clipping his or her toenails in bed (vomit!), maybe someone else has already asked. You’ll soon be able to search for relevant Agonies, Questions and Answers. This way you can benefit from the advice, insights and anecdotes which have already been shared, and join an ongoing conversation rather than starting a new one.

2. Search for Profiles

Let’s assume that you remember reading an awesome response from one of our users – let’s call her “Awesomechick” – and you want to see what else she’s written. This would be easy if you’ve followed her and therefore can easily find her profile. But let’s assume you haven’t followed her. It’s currently a bit annoying, as unless Awesomechick has recently written a post, you wouldn’t be able to find her profile without sieving through pages of content. Fear not Agony Aunt – soon you’ll be able to find Awesomechick’s Profile easily through our Search function.

3. Follow and Unfollow people directly from the Search

We’re making it even easier to Follow and Unfollow other users. You’ll soon be able to do this via the Search function. Pretty nifty, even if I do say so myself!

4. View photo previews directly from the Agony summary page

Sometimes people upload pictures (particularly in our Fashion room). We’re making it easier to view photos with fewer clicks. You’ll soon be able to see photos in full view directly from the Agony summary page by simply clicking on it, rather than having to first click into the respective Question or Answer page.

5. Copy and paste text from Agonies, Questions and Answers

Some of you have asked to be able to copy and paste content which has already been posted. We get that this would be incredibly useful – so we’re bring it to you!

6. Allow paragraph breaks so content is posted in the format you intended

At the moment Agonyapp does not recognise paragraph breaks. So you may have spent time formatting a comment, which is not get reflected in your post. “$*?!^ Agonyapp!” We’ll be changing this soon – so when you format a paragraph break into your content – you’ll get a paragraph break in your post! 🙂


Implementing new functionality can take a bit of time. But we really want to keep improving Agonyapp to make it an even better experience for you. So if you have more suggestions – get in touch! We can’t promise to implement all of your suggestions, but we do promise to take them seriously, and do the best we can to make them a reality.

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