“Super Robert” aka Agonyapp’s Inside Man

2. Robert

Today we salute Robert: 18-22 year old male from Belgium. We think Robert is Super! Here’s why:

1. He’s the man!

Sometimes as a female with a relationship concern, there is nothing more useful than obtaining a male perspective. Queue Robert! Robert (like many of our other awesome Agonyappers) offers a really insightful male viewpoint, and isn’t afraid to participate in the most sensitive of female initiated, Agonyapp conversations.

2. Lady Gaga (if you’ve done the Agonyapp Quiz you’ll understand!)

If you want to have a conversation with someone who’s going to challenge your thought processes to help you delve deeper into your Agony – Robert is the guy. He doesn’t form quick conclusions, but rather helps our Agonisers come to their own through curious questions and shrewd suggestions.

3. Secret spy

There have been times when the Agonyapp team have turned to each other and asked “Are you secretly Robert?” (If you have wondered the same, the answer is no!). This is because on occasion Robert has asked other Agonyappers questions which are really relevant to the Agonyapp team. In fact, Robert’s comments have and will continue to impact how we develope Agonyapp. E.g. if you’ve used our search feature and thought – “what an awesome addition!” – you have Robert to thank! It was his suggestion! 🙂

Welcome to the Agonyapp Hall of Fame, Robert!

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