Thank you to the Agonyapp team & family

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank some people who helped make Agonyapp possible. We’d like to pay particular homage to our extended team and family:

Bart: Gatekeeper of the Code & ‘Team Agonyapp’ bowling Champion


Catchphrase: This is chart

Agonyapp Bart

Why we love Bart: Bart is truly a gentleman and an awesome developer. Bart would never say “WTF” to someone, but when it comes to the tech-development of the Agonyapp app – you better believe he’ll drop some “WTF’s” into the code if he doesn’t like what he sees! Bart is eager yet patient, and meticulously detailed. His precision can be seen not only in his code, but also in his bowling abilities. Nothing substandard gets past Bart, so don’t even try it!! We reckon Bart’s gonna run Poland one day. We’re also pretty sure he sleeps in a shirt and polished shoes…

Klaudijus: The Visual Master-mind & Bug Slayer’


Catchphrase: I need Lucozade

Agonyapp Klaudijus

Why we love Klaudijus: K is our front-end developer and a man of few words. K is totally motivated by challenges, so it’s no surprise that he somehow managed to turn a fun idea and scraps of paper into a working visual masterpiece – all this using entirely new tech development frameworks – respect to you K! We give particular thanks to K for all the very late nights he pulled, energised not only by the copious amounts of Lucozade and tea he drinks, and his loud drum & bass music, but also by his sheer passion for (in his words “squishing the bugs” (to non-techies out there – this refers to resolving problems (bugs) in the app!)… Just don’t expect K to be on time for a Monday morning meeting…

Genevieve: The creative director & cool head

Catchphrase: That is unacceptable

Agonyapp Marketing Manager Genevieve Sekwalor

Why we love Gene: Gene doesn’t mince her words – so when we need a 3rd party view on anything – she’s always our first go-to! Gene’s creative mind has and will continue to drive the Agonyapp’s awesome marketing campaigns. Don’t give Gene a substandard piece of work – she won’t be afraid to call you up on it. Gene is extremely detail oriented and full of new ideas. However heated our debates over the App get, Gene seems to manage to keep calm… she may even have saved our lives! We owe you Gene! Ever-stylish, we’ve had to pull Gene away from the app at times – because her fashion tips are causing a stir. Sorry to Agonyapp users – you can’t have her – we need her!

We’d also like to thank…

Tim: For his enthusiasm and great ideas.

Ola: For his frequent advice, feedback, ideas, insights and cakes… 🙂

Dave: For somehow synthesising our pages full of sketches and designing the awesome Agonyapp logo.

Our Beta testers: For helping us iron out the creases before launching Agonyapp. Special thanks to Lola, Stephanie, Tara and Stacey for all of their feedback and time.

Mark and Mandeep: For continuous advice and technical direction.

Fran: For her artistic eye and guidance.

Kanira: For allowing us to use her beautiful face on the App screenshots.

Oscar: For his advice on the submission of the app to Apple.

To all of you honourary Agony Aunts – we could not have done it without you – so THANK YOU xx

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