Vesper “the wise” is first to enter the Hall of Fame


The first spot on the Agonyapp Hall of Fame goes to one of our most popular Agonyappers – Vesper, 28-32 year old female from the UK. We love Vesper for her discerning insights and sensitive tone. In the words of another user “God you’re clever” Vesper!

Here is one of our favourite Vesper quotes. This was in response to a user whose past secrets were “eating her up”:

Sometimes in life you feel as though the answer to moving on from something is by telling others and have them accept you for what you may have done. The reality is you need to forgive yourself first. Accept what you did, why you did it – why it wouldn’t happen again/why wouldn’t want it to. If the net result is you feel very negative about yourself back then – that’s fine ; if you really have changed and evolved you’ll have all the more reason to contrast with where you are today and feel proud. Life is relative never absolute, it’s about the journey, self evolution and the gap between yesterday and today!

Welcome to the Agonyapp Hall of Fame Vesper – and thank you for being an unmissable member of the Agonyapp community.

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